, Volume 137, Issue 1-2, pp 45-56

Evidence for intergeneric incompatibility in ferns

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The archegonial mucilage ofAthyrium filix-femina andA. distentifolium paralyses spermatozoids ofDryopteris filix-mas (and in one caseD. inaequalis) before they penetrate the archegonial venter. The archegonial mucilage ofDryopteris filix-mas has a weak positive chemotactic influence on the spermatozoids of the twoAthyrium species. The spermatozoids ofDryopteris were never observed in the archegonia ofAthyrium. Incompatibility was not observed within and between the twoAthyrium species, withinDryopteris filix-mas or betweenAthyrium filix-femina and twoAsplenium species.

Contribution No. 327.