, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 53-74

Peer support telephone dyads for elderly women: Was this the wrong intervention?

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Editor's Note. This paper raises a number of interesting and provocative issues for community psychologists and other researchers. Following this study are a series of nine commentaries offering a variety of perspectives on these issues.
Research described in this paper was supported by research grant R01MH41457 to the first author from the National Institute of Mental Health. Participation by the second author was supported by training grant PHS T32 MH 15789-11, Measurement of Affect and Affective Processes, directed by Peggy A. Thoits, from the National Institute of Mental Health. We acknowledge the conscientious effort of Kathy McFall, project coordinator, and Constance Baker, Caroline Clay, Ann French, Elaine Hehner, Madeline Heide, Allison Lendman, Sharon Martin, and Coralee Sons, who served as interviewers. Help with data analysis was provided by Suzanne Dancer, Robert Holden, Daniel Mathalon, and Sharon Martin.