, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 1-24

Homelessness: What is a psychologist to do?

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This article is based on a Presidential Address to the Society for Community Research and Action: The Division of Community Psychology (27) of the American Psychological Association at the annual meeting, San Francisco, August 1991. Preparation was funded by grant #RO1MH46116 from the National Institute of Mental Health. The New York City data were collected jointly with James Knickman and Beth Weitzman of the Wagner School of Public Service, New York University under a contract from the New York City Human Resources Administration to James Knickman. This paper was influenced by Hopper and Hamberg (1986) and Stegman and Keyes (1991) in ways that exceed specific citations, although the conclusions accord more with the former authors' than with the latter. I thank Barbara Felton, Diane Hughes, Bruce Rapkin, and Ed Seidman for their helpful comments and Ben McDaniels, Lisa Duchon, and Beth Weitzman for checking the tables.