, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 465-486

Ethnicity, culture, and social resources

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This study was supported by NIMH grant R01 MH42816 to the UCLA School of Public Health, Carol S. Aneshensel, Principal Investigator and Jacqueline M. Golding, Co-Principal Investigator. The data on which this research is based were collected under the Epidemiologic Catchment Area program (ECA). The ECA is a series of five epidemiologic research studies performed by independent research teams in collaboration with staff of the Division of Clinical Research (DCR) of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The NIMH Principal Collaborators are Darrel A. Regier, Ben Z. Locke, and Jack D. Burke, Jr.; the NIMH Project Officer is William J. Huber. The Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators from the five sites are Yale University, U01 MH 34224 — Jerome K. Myers, Myrna M. Weissman, and Gary Tischler; the John Hopkins University, U01 MH 33870 — Morton Kramer, Sam Shapiro, and Shepard Kellam; Washington University, St. Louis, U01 MH 33883 — Lee N. Robins, John Helzer; Duke University, U01 MH 35386 — Linda George and Dan Blazer; University of California, Los Angeles, U01 MH 35865 — Marvin Karno, Richard Hough, Javier Escobar, Audrey Burnam, and Dianne Timbers. We thank Julian Rappaport and anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on an earlier version of this paper.