, Volume 179, Issue 3-4, pp 167-174

Isozyme evidence and the origin ofSenecio vulgaris (Compositae)

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An electrophoretic survey of isozyme variation was conducted to test the hypothesis thatSenecio vulgaris L. (2n = 40) is of autotetraploid origin fromS. vernalis Waldst. & Kit. (2n = 20). It was established thatS. vulgaris exhibited fixed heterozygosity at three loci examined, showed disomic inheritance at all polymorphic loci, and contained a gene (αEst-1) and an allele (Aat-3b) which were not present in the single population ofS. vernalis surveyed. From this it is concluded thatS. vulgaris is not of autotetraploid origin. Instead, the genetic evidence is in keeping with an allopolyploid origin ofS. vulgaris with the possibility thatS. vernalis acted as one of its two parents.