, Volume 75, Issue 7, pp 559-562

Experimental chemotherapy ofSchistosoma curassoni in mice

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Mice experimentally infected withSchistosoma curassoni were treated with different dose regimens of praziquantel, metrifonate, oxamniquine and hycanthone. Praziquantel was the most effective drug; a dose of 100 mg/kg given orally for 5 days resulted in a 95% reduction in worm burdens. The drug produced oogram changes in all animals. Metrifonate did not result in a reduced worm burden but caused oogram changes even on a low-dose (150 mg/kg during 2 consecutive days) schedule. Oxamniquine proved to be ineffective; no reduction in worm burdens or alterations in oograms were observed. Hycanthone (80 mg/kg for 1 day) resulted in a significant reduction in worm burdens.