, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 217-229

Conners' Teacher Rating Scale for use in drug studies with children — An empirical study

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Their classroom teachers rated 291 schoolchildren, grades kindergarten through 6, on Conners' Teacher Rating Scale, developed for and used widely in drug studies in children. Scores were found to be significantly lower than those reported for a similar group of 92 New York children and considerably less than those of a group of 64 children receiving medication for deviant behavior. Boys generally had higher scores for acting-out-type behavior while girls scored higher on neuroticism. The factor structure in this sample showed some differences from that in Conners' original analysis but they are insufficient for any change in the widely accepted scoring system, except perhaps to add a fifth factor of sociability.

This study was supported in part by USPHS giant MH18909 from the National Institute of Mental Health to Dr. R. L. Sprague and by a grant from the Medical Research Council of New Zealand to Professor J. S. Werry.