, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp 139-151

Facial expressions and interpretation of emotion-arousing situations in deaf and hearing children

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Deaf and hearing children were given two tasks: (a) sorting faces portraying nine emotions and (b) matching those faces with drawings of appropriate emotion-arousing situations. The deaf children performed as the hearing children did on the first task but did not match the faces to the situations as well as the hearing children. It appeared that the deaf children were unable to analyze and interpret emotion-arousing events adequately. Possible reasons for this finding are presented and discussed in detail.

This research was supported, in part, by Social Rehabilitation Services Grant No. RD-2552.
The authors are indebted to Dr. Lloyd Graunke, Delmas Young, and Warren Flower of the Tennessee School for the Deaf, Elizabeth Stallings of the Monroe Harding Children's Home, Rev. Lucius Hart and Rev. Hudlow of the Baptist Children's Home, Dr. Lloyd Funchess and Jerome Freeman of the Louisiana State School for the Deaf, W. W. Wallace, Milton Lillard, and Wilburn Kelley of the Williamson County Tennessee School System, and Charles Barham of Tennessee Preparatory School.