Physics of Elementary Particles and Field Theory

Soviet Physics Journal

, Volume 29, Issue 12, pp 1019-1023

First online:

Light propagation in a weak gravitational field of a stochastic system of pointlike sources

  • K. A. PiragasAffiliated withPedagogical Institute
  • , V. I. ZhdanovAffiliated withPedagogical Institute
  • , V. V. ZhdanovaAffiliated withPedagogical Institute
  • , I. T. ZhukAffiliated withPedagogical Institute

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Trajectories of light rays in a gravitational field created by a homogeneous distribution of pointlike masses are considered in the framework of General Relativity. A method of approximate computation of statistical characteristics of such trajectories is suggested, with the accuracy up to first order in the gravitational constant. The estimates of the shift in the direction of a light ray and of the change in the angular coordinates of the light source are obtained.