pure and applied geophysics

, Volume 123, Issue 5, pp 683–696

Qc of three component seismograms of volcanic microearthquakes at Campi Flegrei volcanic area — Southern Italy


  • E. Del Pezzo
    • Osservatorio Vesuviano
  • G. De Natale
    • Osservatorio Vesuviano
  • G. Scarcella
    • Osservatorio Vesuviano
  • A. Zollo
    • Osservatorio Vesuviano

DOI: 10.1007/BF00878402

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Del Pezzo, E., De Natale, G., Scarcella, G. et al. PAGEOPH (1985) 123: 683. doi:10.1007/BF00878402


Digital recordings of three component microearthquake codas from shallow seismic events in the volcanic region of Campi Flegrei — Southern Italy — were used with an automatic technique to calculate the attenuation factorQc (codaQ) in the hypothesis of singleS toS backscattering.

Results show the same value ofQ for each of the three components. This result is interpreted as due to isotropicS wave radiation pattern.

A check of the coda method was performed using a single station method based on simple assumptions on the direct SH wave spectrum. Single stationQ was averaged over the stations and over the earthquakes. Results show that the two methods lead to comparable results.

A frequency dependence quite different from that evaluated in active tectonic regions was found for coda attenuation, comparable to other volcanic areas throughout the world. This is interpreted as due to the presence of magma that affects anelasticity and scattering.

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Qcode wavesvolcanic earthquakes

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