, Volume 64, Issue 3-4, pp 273-283

Genetic interrelationships of proteolyticClostridium botulinum types A, B, and F and other members of theClostridium botulinum complex as revealed by small-subunit rRNA gene sequences

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The phylogenetic interrelationships of members of theClostridium botulinum complex of species was investigated by direct sequencing of their 16S rRNA genes. Comparative analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences demonstrated the presence of four phylogenetically distinct lineages corresponding to: i) proteolyticC. botulinum types A, B, and F, andC. sporogenes, ii) saccharolytic types B, E and F, iii) types C and D andC. novyi type A, and iv) type G andC. subterminale. The phylogenetic groupings obtained from the 16S rRNA were in complete agreement with the four divisions recognised within the ‘species complex’ on the basis of phenotypic criteria.