, Volume 46, Issue 2-3, pp 143-152

Statistical and spectral analysis of the wind regime in the area of Catalonia

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This work presents a statistical study of the wind power potential of three stations in the Catalonia area (Spain) over the 1973–1982 period. These stations correspond to three airports (Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Girona), which obviously do not present a high wind power potential and are not the suitable locations for wind power utilization, but which have been chosen for the long record of data stored (10 years). The aim of this work is to provide a model of wind potential in terms of the speed and wind direction, which may be applied to other sites. The wind speed has been modelled by a Weibull distribution function and the wind direction by a normal two-dimensional function. A spectral analysis of both variables has also been carried out. The present study provides an evaluation of the local wind power in the geographic area of Catalonia.

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