Original Article

Pediatric Nephrology

, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 139-142

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Girls prone to urinary infections followed into adulthood. Indices of renal disease

  • Jeanette MartinellAffiliated withDepartment of Pediatrics, Göteborg University, East Hospital
  • , Gunilla Lidin-JansonAffiliated withDepartment of Infectious Diseases, Göteborg University, East Hospital
  • , Rudolf JagenburgAffiliated withDepartment of Clinical Chemistry, Göteborg University, East Hospital
  • , Ramon SiverstssonAffiliated withDepartment of Clinical Physiology, Göteborg University, East Hospital
  • , Ingemar ClaessonAffiliated withDepartment of Pediatric Radiology, Göteborg University, East Hospital
  • , Ulf JodalAffiliated withDepartment of Pediatrics, Göteborg University, East Hospital

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This study describes blood pressure and renal function, as well as indices of renal disease, in females with and without renal scarring followed from their first urinary tract infection (UTI) in childhood. Of the 111 patients with a median follow-up time of 15 years, 54 had renal scarring (reflux nephropathy) on urography, which was severe in 19 and moderate in 35. The glomerular filtration rate was lower in patients with severe renal scarring and correlated with renal area on urography. However, the filtration rate was decreased below the lower reference limit in only 7 patients, with a lowest value of 70 ml/min per 1.73 m2. The diastolic blood pressure was higher in women with severe scarring. Hypertension of at least 140/90 mmHg was diagnosed in 3 of 54 (5.5%) females with renal scarring, 2 before and 1 at the follow-up examination. The excretion of albumin in urine was low and not correlated to filtration rate. Tubular enzymes in urine were similar in all groups. Thus the renal function was well preserved and the incidence of hypertension low. Within this range of renal function, the level of albumin in urine did not predict the degree of renal scarring.

Key words

Reflux nephropathy Renal function Hypertension Albuminuria