Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

, Volume 14, Issue 6, pp 775–778

Theory of the hydromagnetic generator

  • Yu. B. Ponomarenko

DOI: 10.1007/BF00853190

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Ponomarenko, Y.B. J Appl Mech Tech Phys (1973) 14: 775. doi:10.1007/BF00853190


It is shown that in a homogeneous medium, a magnetic field may generate helical motion in a cylinder with constant angular and axial velocities. The generation problem is solved exactly, and analytic expressions for the magnetic field are found. At high velocities the increment of field growth is maximal when the ratio of the velocities is of the order of unity. The maximum increment and frequency are of the order of the velocity to the two-thirds power. The field distribution has the form of a surface wave. The field decay decrement for departure from the cylinder surface is proportional to the square root of its increment.

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  • Yu. B. Ponomarenko
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