On the role of the connective tissue in the patterning of the chick limb musculature

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By modifying the temporal relationship between connective tissue and myogenic cell invasion during early limb bud development new evidence of the organizing role of the connective tissue was obtained.

Muscle cell-deprived wing buds were allowed to grow up to stages 22 to 27 of Hamburger and Hamilton, when they received a transplant of quail myogenic cells (somitic mesoderm or wing premuscular mass) into the dorsal face of their presumptive upper arm. Muscular arrangement in forearm and hand was analyzed 4 days later. In 8 out of 14 of those cases which had received a graft of premuscular mass before stage 25 of Hamburger and Hamilton, muscle development took place distally to the graft-site in accordance with the wing segment.