, Volume 38, Issue 1-3, pp 81-93

Reproductive biology of guitar,Rhinobatos hynnicephalus

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Reproductive biology of the guitarfish,Rhinobatos hynnicephalus, from Xiamen coastal waters is described. Males have two functional testes. Spermatogenic cells in different seminiferous follicles are at different developmental stages while those in the same follicle are at the same stage. The development of claspers suggests that males mature at 380–400 mm TL. Females mature at 390–440mm TL. Both ovaries are functional. The first generation of ovarian eggs reach mature size when 22–24mm in diameter in April or May. The subsequent crop of eggs is ready for ovulation when the intrauterine embryos reach full term. The guitarfish is aplacentally viviparous. Longitudinal folds were observed on the internal wall of the uterus. Gestation takes one year and parturition takes place in June or July. Fecundity ranges from 2 to 9, with the large females usually being more fecund. Of 29 embryos ranging from 52–157mm TL, there were 15 females and 14 males indicating an embryonic sex ratio 1:1.