, Volume 86, Issue 4, pp 442-448

Immunochemical identification of LMW subunits of glutenin associated with bread-making quality of wheat flours

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A murine monoclonal antibody (IFRN 0067), one of a library developed against prolamin fractions fromTriticum aestivum, has been characterised using a combination of immunoassay and immunoblotting techniques. The antibody was specific for two glutenin polypeptides which appeared by 2-dimensional electrophoresis to belong to the B group of LMW subunits. From results of antibody-binding studies with material extracted from genetic stocks, it was deduced that the target polypeptides were encoded on the short arm of chromosome 1D. The antibody was used in an immunoassay of bread wheats with a range of anticipated baking scores and for flours of known baking performance. Significant correlations were found between immunoassay and test-bake results. Indeed, correlation of IFRN 0067 binding with loaf volume was equal or better than that provided by alveograph parameters. The results provide evidence that LMW subunits contribute to the bread-making properties of wheat glutenin, as identified by the use of immunological techniques. The use of particular monoclonal antibodies, such as IFRN 0067, in the further development of simple, rapid diagnostic tests for flour quality predictions is discussed.