, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 138-148

Perceptions and effectiveness in state mental health systems

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Differences in the perceptions of state and local officials about mental health systems create obstacles to effective functioning. Data from 25 states were analyzed to identify these differences as well as the mechanisms being used to reconcile them. Outcomes from an intervention within one state are presented along with guidelines for reducing the dysfunctional effects of level-specific perceptions.

Jeanette M. Jerrell is Associate Research Scientist at Cognos Associates, Los Altos, CA and S. Lee Jerrell is Associate Professor of Management and Organization at San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Work on this study was partially supported by National Institute of Mental Health Grant #05-RO1-MH38069-02, Division of Biometry and Epidemiology. Requests for information concerning these findings should be addressed to the first author at 1223 Eichler Court, Mountain View, CA 94040.