, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp 507-513

Complex geographical analysis of the Greater Sochi region on the Black Sea coast

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Results of the complex analysis of the unique natural territory of Greater Sochi from the point of view of physical geography are considered. The region of Greater Sochi is located on the S slopes of the Main Caucasus chain on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Morphometrical analysis of the relief and analysis air surface temperature and precipitation allowed to distinguish four specific subregions within the whole territory. It is demonstrated that the period of stable snow cover in the two subregions which occupy more than half of the region's area is sufficient for successful development of winter tourism. Peculiar combination of the mild climate of the coast with stable snow cover in the mountains till the beginning of summer provide strong attractivity of the region for all-the-year-round tourists inflow to the most modern recreational centre of Russia. The work provides the methodology for similar studies.