, Volume 13, Issue 11, pp 2487-2496
Date: 14 Aug 2013

Growth morphology of the tetragonal phase in partially stabilized zirconia

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The zirconia-rich, metastable tetragonal phase in partially stabilized zirconia—magnesia, zirconia—calcia and zirconia—yttria is examined using electron microscopy and electron and X-ray diffraction. The tetragonal phase precipitate distribution is that normally associated with homogeneously nucleated coherent precipitation. An attempt is made to explain the growth morphology of the tetragonal phase in terms of the cubic—tetragonal lattice parameter mismatch. It is found that the tetragonal phase is retained at room temperature provided coherency with the cubic matrix is retained. Once coherency is lost, due to growth strains or mechanical influences, the precipitate reverts to the room temperature stable monoclinic form.