, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 309-318

Is there job satisfaction in community mental health?

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After discussing the importance of job satisfaction, this paper presents data concerning current levels and sources of job satisfaction in community mental health centers. Data came from a survey completed by 164 staff members working in 22 different programs located in Michigan. The return rate was 94%. Results indicated that compared to workers in other occupations, the staff were about average in satisfaction with co-workers and supervision, but low in satisfaction with the work itself. The two major sources of job satisfaction reported by staff were the level of accomplishment experienced in the work and the degree of clarity in organizational goals and policies. The paper concludes by suggesting ways in which job satisfaction in community mental health could be increased.

Research for this paper was made possible through a special grant from Professor Seymour B. Sarason of Yale University. The author would like to thank Professor Sarason for his continuing encouragement and support, and also Beatrice Bonnevaux for her assistance on the data analysis.