Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp 297-301

First online:

Crystallization of interdendritic graphite in cast iron

  • V. P. Solov'ev
  • , O. V. Kuragin
  • , A. P. Vorob'ev

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Interdendritic graphite in cast iron forms upon non-equilibrium solidification of the graphite-austenite eutectic under conditions of limited diffusional mobility of carbon brought about either by supercooling of the melt, or additions of elements which retard the diffusion of carbon. Solidification of the liquid of eutectic composition begins with the formation of austenite, which grows in the form of branched dendrites.

The solidification of finely differentiated eutectic begins when the carbon content of the melt reaches a value high enough for the growth of strongly branched graphite crystals.