, Volume 25, Issue 9, pp 846-851

Electrochemical mediators for total oxidation of chlorinated hydrocarbons: formation kinetics of Ag(II), Co(III), and Ce(IV)

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Mediated electrochemical oxidation (MEO) with Ag(n) and Co(iii) in 7m HNO3 and 3.5 M H2SO4 has been studied. High degradation rates were found for superchlorinated organic substances such as pentachlorophenol (PCP), Lindane and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) using Ag(ii) in HNO3 as mediator. An investigation on the formation kinetics of Ag(ii), Co(iii), and Ce(iv) by means of a rotating disc electrode (RDE) led to a quantitative determination of limiting currents at various mediator concentrations. Reaction rate constants of water oxidation by Ag(ii) were determined at various temperatures and compared to reaction rates of Co(iii).