, Volume 175, Issue 2, pp 109-115

Chronic toxicity of cadmium toChironomus riparius Meigen — effects upon larval development and adult emergence

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Chronic cadmium toxicity tests were carried out withChironomus riparius Meigen using a static-with-replacement exposure procedure. Significant reductions in larval development, survival and production were detected at 0.15 mg Cd l−1 a value approximately 5000 times lower than the 48 h LC50 for fourth instar larvae. The first instar appears to be the most critical stage in terms of sensitivity, with the number of adults eventually emerging reflecting first instar mortality. Male emergence was slightly delayed at 0.15 mg Cd l−1. The results of this study illustrate the importance of chronic toxicity tests in identifying sensitive life cycle stages and explaining pollutant-induced stress.