, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 297-303

Action of cyclosporine on mitochondrial calcium fluxes

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Cyclosporine (Cys A) is a potent immunosuppressor used to reduce rejection in transplantation surgery. We studied its action upon mitochondrial functions: oxidative phosphorylation and Ca2+ movements through mitochondrial membrane. We show that Cys A exhibits an inhibitory effect upon mitochondrial respiration. This result is in good agreement with previous works and may be correlated with Cys A toxicity. The action of cyclosporine on calcium fluxes is more pronounced. Indeed it blocks mitochondrial calcium efflux and allows mitochondria to accumulate a large amount of calcium. If this effect occurs in the cell, it would induce a Ca2+ decrease in cytosol. This action might be correlated with the inhibitory effect of Cys A upon the mitogenic stimulation of T lymphocytes.