, Volume 14, Issue 11, pp 1051-1060

The Lepton Brusselator: Creation of structure in the early universe

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The creation of structure in the Lepton Era of the early universe is discussed in terms of a suitably chosen dynamical system of Brusselator type. A bifurcation analysis is performed and a criterion is extracted for the onset of instabilities in the system which in turn lead to self-organizing processes in the associated conglomerate of elementary particles which may be visualized as an imperfect fluid in the hydrodynamic approximation chosen here. This may be interpreted as a symmetry-breaking mechanism which might be responsible for the creation of protostructures on space-time due to density fluctuations, the latter being thought of as controlling the further agglomeration of matter once matter and radiation have decoupled at a temperature level of some 4000 K. This may eventually lead to the formation of galaxies as are observed in the present stage of the universe. The influence of curvature is discussed in considering a metric background of Bianchi type I with respect to the onset of instability. The notion of a local concept on space-time is reviewed from an interactive point of view.