, Volume 10, Issue 11, pp 1889-1903

Grain-boundary sliding during diffusional creep

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Grain-boundary sliding and diffusional changes at grain boundaries were monitored on the surface and in the interior of a magnesium alloy Magnox ZR55 tested under diffusional creep conditions. The behaviour is compared and contrasted to that observed under recovery creep conditions. It was found (i) that diffusional and recovery creep exhibit distinctively different angular dependencies of grain-boundary sliding, (ii) that the surface and interior grains exhibit the same sliding and diffusional changes (in the plane of the surface) under diffusional creep conditions, (iii) that a previously presented method for the measurement of diffusional creep [1], when modified as described here, allows the determination of diffusional and sliding components for samples with either ascut or annealed surface conditions and (iv) that under diffusional creep conditions the value ofγ is 0.5.