Boundary-Layer Meteorology

, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp 311-323

First online:

An applied model for the height of the daytime mixed layer and the entrainment zone

  • Ekaterina BatchvarovaAffiliated withRisø National Laboratory
  • , Sven-Erik GryningAffiliated withRisø National Laboratory

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A model is presented for the height of the mixed layer and the depth of the entrainment zone under near-neutral and unstable atmospheric conditions. It is based on the zero-order mixed-layer height model of Batchvarova and Gryning (1991) and the parameterization of the entrainment zone depth proposed by Gryning and Batchvarova (1994). However, most zero-order slab type models of mixed-layer height may be applied. The use of the model requires only information on those meteorological parameters that are needed in operational applications of ordinary zero-order slab type models of mixed-layer height: friction velocity, kinematic heat flux near the ground and potential temperature gradient in the free atmosphere above the entrainment zone. When information is available on the horizontal divergence of the large-scale flow field, the model also takes into account the effect of subsidence, although this is usually neglected in operational models of mixed-layer height owing to lack of data. Model performance is tested using data from the CIRCE experiment.