, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 261-262

Mapping of gene loci in the Q13–Q15 region of chromosome 12

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The gene loci CDK4, GLI, CHOP and MDM2 have been mapped to the q13–q15 region of chromosome 12. Using fluorescencein situ hybridization onto simultaneously DAPI-banded metaphase chromosomes and interphase nuclei, we have more precisely mapped and ordered these loci, together with a number of Genethon microsatellite markers. GLI and CHOP localize to 12q13.3–14.1, CDK4 to 12q14 and MDM2 to 12q14.3–q15, and the gene order is cen-GLI/CHOP-CDK4-MDM2. The Genethon microsatellites D12S80 and D12S83 flank MDM2.