, Volume 153, Issue 1-2, pp 91-114

Solar limb darkening 1986–1990 (λλ303 to 1099 nm)

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The Sun's limb darkening was observed repeatedly between the 1986 minimum and the 1990 maximum of solar activity.Systematic variations, which could depend either on the momentary activity and/or the phase in the solar cycle, werenot detectable, either at continuum wavelengths or in two broad-band spectral intervals. Completelyirregular variations, which concern not only individual, successive scans (due to granulation, etc.), but also thedaily andseasonal averages, are usually less than 1%, but can reach occasionally 2% or even more. Minoreast-west asymmetries even in the seasonal means seem to be well established, mainly for λ < 400 nm. Thefinal, mean limb-darkening coefficients agree basically with those published by Pierce and Slaughter (1977) and Pierce, Slaughter, and Weinberger (1977), but show a much lower scatter when plotted against wavelength.