, Volume 83, Issue 4, pp 393-406

High levels of responsiveness from the inferior colliculus of rodents at ultrasonic frequencies

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The inferior collicular (IC) response has been studied in several species of myomorph rodent previously investigated at a cochlear level. In most cases the cochlear microphonic (CM) response has been obtained from the same individuals. The results obtained showed that the peak already found in the CM response at high frequencies was far greater at the level of the inferior colliculus (Figs. 2–5), and showed good correspondence in frequency with ultrasounds produced by the species concerned (Table 2).

Careful controls were made for factors which may have affected the response. Body temperature, in particular, was shown to have a marked effect on the high frequency response (Fig. 10).

My thanks are due to Professor Don R. Arthur for providing laboratory facilities for this work and Dr. J. D. Pye for advice during this study and for reading through the manuscript and also to Dr. G. D. Sales for help with trapping animals. This research was made possible by a Science Research Council grant and was sponsored in part by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under contract number AF61(052)-876 to Dr. Pye. The author was a Harold Row student of King's College.