, Volume 48, Issue 6, pp 463-466

Accurate determination of wavenumbers for iodine molecular lines in the red spectral region

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The hyperfine structure of various absorption lines of molecular iodine with wavenumbers between 12980 and 13890 cm−1 has been resolved using Doppler-free polarization spectroscopy. The wavenumbers of theo-component of 17 rovibrational lines of I2 due to the transitionB 3Π ou + −X1 g + with even rotational quantum numbers have been determined with an accuracy of 0.001 cm−1. A comparison of the centers of gravity of these 17 lines with the values of the iodine atlas of Gerstenkorn et al. yields a difference of \(\delta \tilde v = \tilde v_{c.g} - \tilde v_{atl} = - (1.8 \pm 1.2)x 10 - 3 cm^{ - 3}\) thus corroborating the data of the iodine atlas in the red region within limits of error.