, Volume 46, Issue 5-6, pp 479-515

Photographic studies of quantized vortex lines

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A study of the behavior of systems of quantized vortex lines in rotating superfluid4He is described. Using a photographic technique, the positions of the vortex cores at the free surface of the liquid are recorded in the form of time-lapse motion pictures. The observation of stationary arrays of vortices are discussed and a comparison with the predictions of rectilinear vortex theory is made. Discrepancies between the observations and this theoretical model are noted, and the limitations of the experimental method are described. Several distinct types of periodic array motion have been observed. A description of their analysis as well as possible theoretical and experimental interpretations are given. The final part of this study involves phenomena associated with acceleration of the vessel. The analysis of film records and light signal amplitude measurements for repeated spinups of the vessel reveals statistical trends in the rate of appearance of vortices.

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant No. DMR 76-82934).