, Volume 84, Issue 5-6, pp 289-299

Dissipative states in a current-carrying superconducting film

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The system of the generalized time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations (GTDGLE) describing dirty superconductors nearT c is solved numerically for a thin quasi-two-dimensional, current-carrying layer. In a certain current range one has superconducting states with dissipation which should lead to a step structure in the current voltage characteristic as observed in experiments.1 Depending on the parameters one either has phase slip line (PSL) solutions, which are the two-dimensional analogs of the one-dimensional phase slips (PSCs) or vortex street (VS) solutions, where vortices which are nucleated spontaneously in pairs move perpendicular to the direction of the current. We discuss the range of stable existence of these states and transitions between different states.

Dedicated to L. Tewordt on the occasion of his 65th birthday.