, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 267-272

The pharmacokinetics of midazolam in paediatric patients

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A serum concentration profile study on midazolam in children was done. Fifty six children aged 3–10 years took part. The routes investigated were intravenous, intramuscular, rectal and oral at 0.15 mg·kg−1, and the oral at 0.45 mg·kg−1 and 1 mg·kg−1. Serum concentration levels for 5 h were studied using gas liquid chromatography.

The volume of distribution, Vss, was 1.29 l·kg−1, the elimination half-life 1.17 h and the serum clearance 9.11 ml·kg−1·min−1. Peak serum concentrations for the intramuscular, rectal and oral routes were at 15 min, 30 min and 53 min respectively. Bioavailability was 87%, 18%, 27% respectively at a dose of 0.15 mg·kg−1. The oral route bioavailability halved to 15% at the two higher doses.

Bioequivalence was present between the 0.15 mg·kg−1 intramuscular dose and the 0.45 mg·kg−1 oral dose from 45 to 120 min.