, Volume 156, Issue 2, pp 377-393

Solar wind velocity and normalized scintillation index from single-station IPS observations

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The recently refurbished Ooty Radio Telescope in southern India was used in a two-month campaign of interplanetary scintillation (IPS) observations in collaboration with the Cambridge IPS array in England during April–May 1992. The unique feature of this campaign was that, for the first time, scintillation enhancements were predicted in real time by observing solar events on 7–8 May, 1992 and then detected at both Ooty and Cambridge. Also, for the first time, high spatial resolution (∼ 100 sources sr−1) solar wind all-sky velocity maps were obtained at Ooty. Good consistency is found between the IPS observations from both observatories andin-situ shocks detected at Earth by IMP-8.Yohkoh soft X-ray images were used to infer the generation of a coronal mass ejection on 7 May, 1992.