Colloid and Polymer Science

, Volume 271, Issue 5, pp 469–479

Preparation of monodisperse ellipsoidal polystyrene particles


  • C. C. Ho
    • School of ChemistryUniversity of Bristol
  • A. Keller
    • H.H. wills Physics LaboratoryUniversity of Bristol
  • J. A. Odell
    • H.H. wills Physics LaboratoryUniversity of Bristol
  • R. H. Ottewill
    • School of ChemistryUniversity of Bristol
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DOI: 10.1007/BF00657391

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Ho, C.C., Keller, A., Odell, J.A. et al. Colloid Polym Sci (1993) 271: 469. doi:10.1007/BF00657391


A method is described for the preparation of monodisperse ellipsoidal particles of polystyrene in the colloidal size range. Monodisperse polystyrene particles were dispersed in a solution of polyvinyl alcohol. This dispersion was then allowed to form, by evaporation, a thin film of polyvinyl alcohol containing spherical polystyrene particles. Strips of this film were clamped into a metal frame, heated rapidly in an oil bath to 200°C and stretched to a predetermined extent in order to convert the spherical particles into ellipsoids; the film was then cooled. A wide range of axial ratios for a variety of initial particle sizes was obtained by this method.

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Polystyrenepolyvinylalcohollaticesellipsoidal particles

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