, Volume 270, Issue 2, pp 134-139

Double percolation effect on the electrical conductivity of conductive particles filled polymer blends

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Electrical conductivity of carbon black (CB) filled polymer blends which are incompatible with each other was studied as a function of the polymer's blend ratio. Transmission electron microscope (TEM) analysis shows that CB distributes unevenly in each component of a polymer blend. TEM photographs of phase structure of solvent extracted HDPE/PMMA blend and solvent extraction experiments of PMMA/PP blend detect the blend ratio at which the structural continuity of filler rich phase is formed. The electrical conductivity of polymer blends is found to be determined by two factors. One is the concentration of CB in the filler rich phase and the other is the structural continuity of this phase. This double percolation affects the conductivity of conductive particle filled polymer blends.