, Volume 20, Issue 7, pp 643-668

Structure determination of zinc iodide complexes formed in aqueous solution

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Structures of the complexes formed in aqueous solutions between zinc(II) and iodide ions have been determined from large-angle X-ray scattering, Raman and far-IR measurements. The coordination in the hydrated Zn2+ hexaaqua ion and the first iodide complex, [ZnI]+, is octahedral, but is changed into tetrahedral in the higher complexes, [ZnI2(H2O)2], [ZnI3(H2O)] and [ZnI4]2−. The Zn-I bond length is 2.635(4)Å in the [ZnI4]2− ion and slightly shorter, 2.592(6)Å, in the two lower tetrahedral complexes. In the octahedral [ZnI(H2O)5]+ complex the Zn-I bond length is 2.90(1)Å. The Zn-O bonding distances in the complexes are approximately the same as that in the hydrated Zn2+ ion, 2.10(1)Å.