Journal of Solution Chemistry

, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 325-338

First online:

Enthalpies of solution, partial molal heat capacities and apparent molal volumes of sugars and polyols in water

  • R. V. JasraAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology
  • , J. C. AhluwaliaAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology

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Integral enthalpies of solution of some sugars and polyols in water at low concentrations have been determined calorimetrically at 25 and 35°C. These data have been used to derive heat capacities of solution ΔC°p at 30°C. Partial molal heat capacities C°p,2 have been obtained by combining ΔC°p with C p,2 * , the heat capacity of pure solid compounds. Apparent molal volumes have been obtained from density data. The sugars as well as polyols show significantly high positive ΔC°p and C°p,2 values. The results have been explained in terms of a specific hydration model. The effect of substitution of-OH by glycosidic-OCH3 and of-CHOH by deoxy-CH2 are also discussed.

Key words

Enthalpy of solution partial molal heat capacity density apparent molal volume sugars polyols specific hydration hydrophobic hydration