, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp 375-382

Potentiometric investigation of NaSO 4 ion pair formation in NaClO4 medium

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The ion pair formation of NaSO 4 has been investigated potentiometrically in 1M NaClO 4 medium at 25°C using two different sodium-selective indicator electrodes and a perchlorate reference electrode. The stability constant of NaSO 4 obtained in this study was \(\beta _{{\rm N}aSO_4^ - } = 4.1 \pm 0.4\) . Although \(\beta _{{\rm N}aSO_4^ - } \) is small, it lowers the free sulfate concentration drastically in 1M NaClO 4 medium and is a factor which should be considered in the use of NaClO 4 as inert supporting electrolyte.