, Volume 53, Issue 1, pp 181-192

Linearized limb-darkening coefficients for use in analysis of eclipsing binary light curves

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Linear limb-darkening coefficientsu required in the analysis of eclipsing binary curves, are tabulated for a wide range of effective temperature (50 000° to 4000°), wavelength λ (0.2 μ≤λ≤2.2 μ), and gravitiesg (2.0≤logg≤5.0). The computation is based on the comprehensive range of model atmospheres of Carbon and Gingerich (1969).

The results are compared with the theoretical values of Hosokawa (1957), Kopal (1959) and Grygaret al. (1972), and examined in relation to empirically determined values ofu from analyses of eclipsing binary light curves. An improved agreement between theory and observation for the calculated limb-darkening coefficients of the present work is noted.