, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp 105-109

Evaluation of the effect of Fosazpeam (a new benzodiazepine), nitrazepam and placebo on sleep patterns in normal subjects

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The nocturnal sleep of eight healthy young volunteers was studied after placebo, Fosazepam 100 mg and Nitrazepam 10 mg. Overall results were very similar after the two drugs. During drug periods there was less of sleep Stages I, III+IV and REM, compensated by an increase in Stage II. The decrease in SWS (III+IV) persisted during the withdrawal periods. There was also an increase in Stage I during Fosazepam withdrawal, whereas the percentage of other sleep stages returned to normal. Sleep quality was reported to be slightly better and morning drowsiness, as well as hangover effects, were said to be less pronounced after Fosazepam than after Nitrazepam.