, Volume 222, Issue 2-3, pp 377-383

A dominant mutation inArabidopsis confers resistance to auxin, ethylene and abscisic acid

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We have screened a large population of M2 seeds ofArabidopsis thaliana for plants which are resistant to exogenously applied indole-acetic acid (IAA). One of the resistant lines identified in this screen carries a dominant mutation which we have namedaxr2. Linkage analysis indicates that theaxr2 gene lies on chromosome 3. Plants carrying theaxr2 mutation are severe dwarfs and display defects in growth orientation of both the shoot and root suggesting that the mutation affects some aspect of gravitropic growth. In addition, the roots ofaxr2 plants lack root hairs. Growth inhibition experiments indicate that the roots ofaxr2 plants are resistant to ethylene and abscisic acid as well as auxin.

Communicated by E. Meyerowitz