, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 333-379

The inheritance of presuppositions

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The ideas presented in this paper were originally developed in a seminar in the Linguistics Department at U. C., Berkeley. I would like to thank for many useful ideas and criticisms the members of that seminar: Jon Aske, Regina Bustamente, Jane Edwards, Hana Filip, Adele Goldberg, Célia de Jésus, Laura Michaelis, and Tony Moy. I am grateful to Jean-Pierre Koenig and Scott Soames for detailed and much valued commentary on previous drafts. I would also like to thank Gilles Fauconnier and Charles Fillmore for discussion of several of the issues treated here and three anonymous referees forLinguistics and Philosophy for helpful comments. I acknowledge with gratitude the good advice offered from all these quarters, including the good advice I didn't take.