, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 351-363

Studies on chemically precipitated Mn(IV) oxides. IV. Effect of dopants/impurities on the discharge behaviour of chemical manganese dioxide in alkaline medium and the applicability of Atlung-Jacobsen model to the (MnO2)1-r(MnOOH)r system

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Manganese (IV) oxides are synthesized by chlorate oxidation of Mn(II) salts containing varying amounts of Fe3+ ions. An Mn(IV) oxide containing MoO3 is also synthesized. All the oxides are characterized by chemical analyses, X-ray, infrared and magnetic susceptibility studies. It is observed that increasing the amount of Fe3+ in the Mn(II) solution favours the formation of the gamma-phase. The catalytic and electrochemical activity of the dioxides are evaluated and discussedvis-à-vis their structural factors. The structure and activity are further discussed in the light of the Atlung-Jacobsen model and the recent electrochemical reduction mechanism of Maskell, Shaw and Tye.