Pflügers Archiv

, Volume 387, Issue 2, pp 107–113

The role of beta-1-adrenoceptors in the renin release response to graded renal sympathetic nerve stimulation


  • Ulla Kopp
    • Department of PharmacologyAB Hässle
  • Mattias Aurell
    • Medical Department, Section of NephrologySahlgren's Hospital
  • Ing-Marie Nilsson
    • Medical Department, Section of NephrologySahlgren's Hospital
  • Bengt Åblad
    • Department of PharmacologyAB Hässle
Transport Processes, Metabolism and Endocrinology; Kidney, Gastrointestinal Tract, and Exocrine Glands

DOI: 10.1007/BF00584260

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Kopp, U., Aurell, M., Nilsson, I. et al. Pflugers Arch. (1980) 387: 107. doi:10.1007/BF00584260


The contribution of beta-adrenoceptor activation to renin release was examined in anaesthetized dogs using renal nerve stimulation (RNS) at different discharge rates in the presence of i.v. beta-adrenoceptor blockade. The animals were divided into 2 groups, which received either low or high level of RNS, defined by the frequency of stimulation producing decrease in renal blood flow of 5 and 50%, respectively. Low level RNS increased renin release tenfold. The renin release response was almost abolished by 0.5 mg/kg of metoprolol ordl-propranolol but unaffected by 0.5 mg/kg ofd-propranolol. The increase in renin release to high level RNS was equally reduced by 33% by 0.5 mg/kg and 2.0 mg/kg of metoprolol.dl-propranolol, 0.5 mg/kg, reduced the renin release response to about the same extent, 44%, while 2.0 mg/kg reduced it somewhat more, 59%. This was probably due to its membrane stabilizing properties asd-propranolol, 2.0 mg/kg and lidocaine 2.0 mg/kg+0.1 mgxkg−1xmin−1, also reduced the renin release response. These data suggest that the renin release response to low level RNS is almost completely mediated by beta-adrenoceptors which are of the beta-1 subtype. High level RNS results in a renin release, which is only partly mediated by beta-1-adrenoceptors. The remainder is apparently related to other mechanisms activated by high level RNS and is probably a consequence of the associated renal vasoconstriction.

Key words

Renal nerve stimulationRenin releaseRenal blood flowMetoprololdl-Propranolol

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