, Volume 61, Issue 3, pp 167-173

Effect of fermented oatmeal soup on the cholesterol level and theLactobacillus colonization of rat intestinal mucosa

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Rats were fed with freeze-dried oatmeal soup fermented by six differentLactobacillus strains from rat and man; the formula is intended for enteral feeding. The serum cholesterol levels after 10 d were lower for rats eating oatmeal as compared to a commercial product, Biosorb Sond. Colonizing ability of the administered strains were evaluatedin vivo. OnlyLactobacillus reuteri R21c were able to, effectively, colonizing the mucosa; it represented about 30% of theLactobacillus population 24 d after termination of the administration.L. reuteri R21c was easily recognized by the ability to produce a yellow pigment on agar plates. The identity was confirmed by carbohydrate fermentations (API 50CH), plasmid pattern and endonuclease restriction analysis of the chromosomal DNA.