, Volume 412, Issue 5, pp 516-523

Differential effects of ADH on sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium transport in cortical and medullary thick ascending limbs of mouse nephron

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The effect of antidiuretic hormone (arginine vasopressin, AVP) on transepithelial Na+, Cl, K+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ net transports was investigated in medullary (mTAL) and cortical (cTAL) segments of the thick ascending limb (TAL) of mouse nephron, perfused in vitro. Transepithelial net fluxes (J Na +,J Cl ,J K +,J Ca 2+,J Mg 2+) were determined by electron probe analysis of the collected tubular fluid. Transepithelial potential difference (PDte) and transepithelial resistance (Rte) were measured simultaneously. cTAL segments were bathed and perfused with isoosmolal, HCO 3 containing Ringer solutions, mTAL segments were bathed and perfused with isoosmolal HCO 3 free Ringer solutions. In cTAL segments, AVP (10−10 mol·l−1) significantly increasedJ Mg 2+ andJ Ca 2+ from 0.39±0.08 to 0.58±0.10 and from 0.86±0.13 to 1.19±0.15 pmol·min−1 mm−1 respectively. NeitherJ Na + norJ Cl , (J Na +: 213±30 versus 221±28 pmol·min−1 mm−1,J Cl : 206±30 versus 220±23 pmol·min−1 mm−1) nor PDte (13.4±1.3 mV versus 14.1±1.9 mV) or Rte (24.6±6.5Ω cm2 versus 22.6±6.4Ω cm2) were significantly changed by AVP. No significant effect of AVP on net K+ transport was observed. In mTAL segments, Mg2+ and Ca2+ net transports were close to zero and AVP (10−10 mol·l−1) elicited no effect. However NaCl net reabsorption was significantly stimulated by the hormone,J Na + increased from 107±33 to 148±30 andJ Cl from 121±33 to 165±32 pmol·min−1 mm−1. The rise inJ NaCl was accompanied by an increase in PDte from 9.0±0.7 to 13.5±0.9 mV and a decrease in Rte from 14.4±2.0 to 11.2±1.7 Ω cm2. No K+ net transport was detected, either under control conditions or in the presence of AVP.

To test for a possible effect of HCO 3 on transepithelial ion fluxes, mTAL segments were bathed and perfused with HCO 3 containing Ringer solutions. With the exception ofJ Ca 2+ which was significantly different from zero (J Ca 2+: 0.26±0.06 pmol·min−1 mm−1), net transepithelial fluxes of Na+, Cl, K+ and Mg2+ were unaffected by HCO 3 . In the presence of AVP,J Mg 2+ andJ Ca 2+ were unaltered whereasJ NaCl was stimulated to the same extent as observed in the absence of HCO 3 . In conclusion our results indicate heterogeneity of response to AVP in cortical and medullary segments of the TAL segment, since AVP stimulates Ca2+ and Mg2+ reabsorption in the cortical part and Na+ and Cl reabsorption in the medullary part of this nephron segment.