, Volume 412, Issue 3, pp 297-304

Adenosine-5′-triphosphate-sensitive ion channels in neonatal rat cultured central neurones

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ATP-sensitive channels were observed in isolated inside-out membrane patches from rat cultured central neurones. Two types of ATP-sensitive K+ channels were present in cortical neurones, one which had its open-state probability increased, the other its open-state probability decreased by application of ATP to the cytoplasmic membrane surface. Another, ATP-sensitive channel differing in ion conductance from all previously reported ATP-sensitive channels was also seen in patches from cortical neurones. This channel was noselective with respect to Na+, K+ and Cl ions and ATP produced a “flickery” type of block. The non-hydrolysable analogue, AMPPNP, did not mimic ATP and prevented ATP action Preliminary experiments indicate that similar, but not, identical ATP-sensitive channels exist in cerebellar neurones